Backyard Landscaping Ideas – How About An Exotic, Tropical Backyard Resort?

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A Fun Backyard Landscaping Ideas – Tropical Resort

Tropical resorts in the Islands represent some of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Every year millions of busy, over-stressed people choose to spend their precious vacation time unwinding at tropical locales. Why? What makes these places so irresistible? Could it be the lifestyle ideal they represent, a setting where the pressures of everyday life can just be forgotten, replaced by an attitude of contentment, tranquility, and overall well-being. This slower, more laidback attitude is fueled in no small part by the natural beauty that surrounds you at tropical Island locations.

If something has such a positive effect on your attitude and outlook, why should you settle for experiencing it only once a year during vacation? What if it were possible to create a little piece of that Island allure in your everyday life?

While you may not have an ocean handy, you absolutely can create a beautiful, tropical resort style setting right in your own backyard. It’s not only possible, it’s a lot of fun. And, guess what? It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. With a little creativity, education and guidance, you can turn your boring backyard landscape into your own exotic, tropical Backyard Resort.

backyard landscaping ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas: What is a Tropical Look Anyway?

Tropical landscapes are by their very nature very informal. To create your Backyard Resort, your backyard landscape will capture the wild and untamed mood of a natural tropical landscape. This mood can’t be captured with the boring, straight-line plantings of overly manicured shrubs that are so common in residential landscapes. The tropically-inspired garden will be much more casual, with seemingly randomized patterns of trees, shrubs, and foliage.

The exotic, tropical look of your backyard resort will be achieved by combining a wide variety of shapes, forms, colors, and textures. Banana plants with their large dramatic leaves, beautiful foliage plants like coleus and gingers, open and airy ornamental grasses, beautiful climbing vines, and tropical blooming plants all have a place. What may surprise you is that there is also a place for many of our more cold-hardy and traditional landscape plants. Uniformity and normality are out; randomness and whimsy are in.

So, How do You do It?

If you were lucky enough to live in an area that never has to suffer extended cold weather, you probably wouldn’t be reading this to begin with. You would have a year-round growing season with no fear of freezing temperatures, and you could grow whatever you wanted. For most of us, that is not reality so we’re going to have to get creative if we want to create that exotic, tropical backyard landscape, our very own little tropical escape.

The approach we’ll use is very simple. We’ll create our backyard resort by combining exotic looking tropical plants with well-adapted plants that either look tropical or look good in a tropical setting. The trick is to learn what plants and how to combine them to create that exotic, tropical look. We’re going to use a simple layering approach.

At a high level, here’s what to do: create a solid foundation, create the tropical landscape effect, and add the finishing touches.

More BackYard Landscaping Ideas:

Creating a Solid Foundation

The good news is that this may start with what you already have. Here, use only things that are reliably winter hardy. This is the skeleton for your backyard landscape and we want it strong. Large trees, evergreen shrubs and small understory trees, and perennials that return year after year will set your foundation. This is completely specific to your area.

Anything with big, deep green leaves works great, and all the better if it is evergreen. Ornamental grasses like Pampus and Maiden grass make great foundation plants. They seem to add a care-free feel to the landscape as they move with the wind. You should be able to find several that are adapted to your area. Finally, try to find some color for the foundation. Any shrub or tree that flowers and is well adapted to your area is great for your foundation. Crepe myrtles are favorites in southern landscapes.

Remember, the idea here is to set that permanent foundation. You’ll definitely want to use things that are reliable in your area, and will not succumb to winter cold.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas: How to Create the Tropical Landscape Effect

Now that you have a foundation, or backdrop, it is time to add the tropical effect plants to turn that normal backyard or swimming pool landscape into your own tropical paradise. Here, you’ll use true tropical plants that have to be treated as annuals in your area, unless you are willing to go to great lengths to protect them from winter chill. There are many plants that are tropical or sub-tropical that, with a little protection, will come back from roots each spring (i.e. bananas, elephant ears). Then, there are the interesting, tropical looking plants that may have no problems at all with winter weather.

For the tropical effect, you should have at least one palm tree. It’s hard to imagine a tropical landscape without the presence of palms. Why palm trees aren’t used more in southern landscapes can only be attributed to lack of information. Plant one and you can be sure you’ll hear more than one “You can’t grow that here!”. There a number of palms that can handle very low temps with little or no damage. Windmill, Sabal, and needle palms come to mind.

Palms create the tropical foundation, now you need to enhance the tropical effect. Let’s throw in some bananas, cannas, and elephant ears with their huge leaves for a start. All are very easy to grow and, with a little work, can be protected so that they come back year over year. Yucca and big ornamental grasses add great tropical effect too. Add some real color sizzle with tropical hibiscus, coleus, and Mandevilla and you’re going to start humming Jimmy Buffett and reggae tunes for sure.

Get creative here and have fun. Try seemingly crazy things. As an example, I’ve grown Papayas, Angel Trumpets, candle trees, and Caster Bean plants for years, treating them as annuals. Talk about a tropical effect that will turn some heads!

Add the Finishing Touches

The plants you use in the garden go a long way towards creating that tropical, resort-style setting we’re after, but there are other things as well. The tasteful use of containers can greatly enhance the overall effect of your backyard resort. Containers allow you to create lush garden settings in places where it might otherwise be impossible such as patios and decks. Tropical hibiscus, mandevilla, and bougainvilla all make a statement in containers.

Here’s a great tip. Go to your favorite garden center’s houseplant section. Of course, there is really no such thing as a houseplant. All plants want to be outside and will perform their best outside. Many of the so-called houseplants are really understory tropicals that will perform beautifully on a covered patio or deck where they have protection from direct sun. Experiment with some of these plants and you are sure to be amazed at the results.

Now, let’s go even beyond that and get into an area where you can get really creative and let your personality shine through…. garden art. There are no rules whatsoever here. Simple things like adding tiki torches along a path can make a real statement. Want to get more out there, create a faux Mayan ruin surrounded by tropical-looking foliage. If you don’t have a pool, build a small pond complete with cascading waterfall. Or, suspend a comfortable hammock between trees, complete with a fake (or real!) parrot watching over you while you relax. Remember, no rules here. This is all about you. Have fun.

Backyard Landscaping Resorts – There you have it…

I sincerely hope you find this fun, useful, and at least marginally instructional. This little hobby has been an absolute joy for me over the years. Remember, my intent was never to give you a Backyard Resort in a Box, with step-by-step instructions on exactly what, when, and how to do everything. That just wouldn’t be possible in a single article and, even if it were, it would take all the fun out of this little adventure. The idea is to give you a taste of what’s possible and hopefully to whet your appetite with a few ideas and tools to get you started. Beyond that, you have all kinds of creative license in creating your own personal Backyard Resort. Now, get started and, most of all, have fun.

Article Source: Eric Harris is a professional and expert in backyard landscaping ideas.

Backyard Landscaping and How to Enjoy It

landscaping on a budget

Backyard Landscaping and How to Enjoy It

As with practically anything you attempt, your backyard landscape can be a place of fun, provided you put a bit of “you” into it. By this, I mean some of your own imagination and creativity. Not only is this an exercise in beautification of “your space”, but at the same time there is a satisfying sense of accomplishment involved here. However, do keep in mind that, you will never achieve this state of mind if you are only able to view the whole thing as a chore.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas Video

Let us not ignore the fact that, Yes, there is a fair amount of work involved – this is more popularly known as “gardening”. Mowing, weeding, doing the edges, digging, planning for next spring, and planting, are just a few that spring to mind. Quick! Run and hide – NOW! Or, you could look at it from a different angle. Possibly: “If I mow that lawn, I’ll be able to find the kids more easily”; “If I pull-up those weeds now, whilst they are still small, the job will be much easier for me, than if I leave it till the end of summer”; “If I weed this now, I’ll be able to see the late flowering roses”; “Just THINK of all the pretty flowers I’ll be able to give to my wife, when this new garden-bed is up and running”; “My wife/spouse will be SO proud of me”.

backyard landscaping rose gardenConsider Your Backyard as an Extension of Your Living Space. Push the boundaries of your indoor living space, incorporate the backyard, and make it the outdoor living space. Have a large, sturdy, picnic-table with suitable chairs – on the patio, or near the pond, next to the rose or herb-garden perhaps. This gets the whole family out-of-doors, fresh-air, sunlight, no T.V. – “in the nature”. I can guarantee you, you will have more to discuss if you are entertaining outdoors.

Reflect on Nature’s Beauty. What could be more pleasant than kicking-back with friends and family, in the landscape that YOU have created? Basking in the glow of everyone’s praise, as they comment on such a beautiful and relaxing environment you have invited them to share. Ah! The bragging-rights of gardening.

Smart Backyard Landscaping

Start Small, Do Not Over-Do it. One does not necessarily need an over-abundance of imagination and creativity, either, for your backyard to be looking like you actually know what you are doing. Nor does it have to take a lot of work. Some well placed trees, can hide a great number of eye-sores in your yard. Like the corners of the block. Just a few trees to round-off the sharpness of the corners can do wonders. Fountains and ponds can hide a multitude of sins,also. We’re not talking six men and a concrete truck here. Again, start small. Buy yourself a simple pond/fountain set-up, these can be found in most nurseries these days, and see if you can handle this much. Oh, Oh, look out – Yes, there is work involved with a pond. You have to keep it clean – this means trying NOT to let it turn into a large container of green, dead-fish-leaf-filled slop. Not talking about pool vaccums here, just remove the leaves when there are too many. Outdoor goldfish are pretty hard to kill, generally, they will look after themselves.

If you find that this has been a relatively panic-less event, go on to the next project. So, what’s next? Let us be a bit ambitious now, how about a rose garden? Too ambitious? Make it a flower-garden then. Starting small again, about 3 feet wide, 6 feet long; dig it over, remove the weeds, add a small amount of fertiliser, dig it over again (it’s easier this time), a bag of mulch to keep in the moisture, water it, then go and have a cuppa. Feeling rested? Good. Now go to the nursery, you are buying two things. A packet of sunflower seeds, and a packet of nasturtium seeds. When you get home – plant them. No big deal here, the seeds must be in contact with the soil – that’s under the mulch. Plant two nasturtium seeds in each corner, plant the sunflower seeds one-hand-span apart, across the rest of the entire bed. Water the bed. Go and sit down – outside. Contemplate what you have just done. You got your hands in the dirt, you have immediately “changed the look of your backyard”, you have instigated the creation of life. You have done well. Pat yourself on the back.

Finishing Touches for your Backyard Landscaping

Now you are about to embark on the greatest lesson in gardening, namely – patience. Your newly planted seeds will not have emerged by tomorrow, count on it. And don’t go fiddling. They will emerge in about 5 days, weather permitting, and sunflowers take 3 to 4 months before flowering. Nasturtiums take about 4 weeks.

Whilst you are waiting to see what will happen, start thinking about planting a few shrubs, along the sides of the yard. One day, in the near future, all of a sudden you will realise – Goodness! The backyard’s been landscaped! Hey, wow, I did that! So you see, using a bit of imagination, creativity and a bit of work, you are now able to quietly bask in the knowledge that You are a backyard landscaping professional and now it’s time to enjoy it.


Article Source: Backyard Landscaping and How to Enjoy it.

Elegant Backyard Landscape Designs

elegant backyard landscape designs

Elegant Backyard Landscape Designs

backyard landscape designsBackyard landscape design takes the ordinary outdoor space behind your home and transforms it into a fabulous, natural living area that enhances your property while offering even more usable space for recreation, entertaining, and more. Contemporary landscape plans for backyard space usually combine the best features of your home’s interior with the relaxing atmosphere of nature for a beautiful and functional outdoor area that accents the architectural style of your house.

There are several different factors involved in creating the perfect backyard design for you and your family. Blending your outdoor space with both the outer appearance and interior style of your home is the best way to ensure a uniform design that is just as beautiful as it is functional. Consider:

  • Implementing the color scheme used within your home into your backyard landscape design.
  • Decorating with outdoor furnishings and accessories that complement those found inside your home.
  • Providing easy accessibility from inside the house to the most functional areas of your backyard.
  • Designing your landscape plans around a central outdoor theme that complements your tastes as well as the look of your home.

Backyard Landscape Designs Video

Building Functionality with Outdoor Rooms with Backyard Landscape Designs

Your backyard landscape design should be just as useful and enjoyable as the inside of your home. Depending on the size of your yard and the needs of your family, there are a variety of outdoor living areas that can be integrated into your design plan to create dedicated space for entertaining, playing, and relaxing.

Outdoor dining rooms are quite common and often connect to the inside dining area of the home for convenience and flexibility. Your dining area may feature a rustic family picnic table, a quaint, intimate patio table, or an elegant wrought iron dining set for eight, depending on the overall style of your home and your needs.

An outdoor kitchen can be a great convenience if you plan on entertaining in your backyard regularly. From a simple gas grill to a custom design with fine outdoor appliances and counter space, there are many possibilities to make your outdoor cooking area practical and beautiful.

Living rooms are also integral parts of many backyard designs. Before selecting the best location for your outdoor living room, consider:

  • The time of day it will be used most.
  • The activities the space will be used for primarily.
  • The effect sunlight will have on the location.

Decks, terraces, and fine outdoor furniture and accessories can make your outdoor living room a favorite spot all year round.

Recreation areas are equally important parts of a functional and pleasant backyard. Tennis courts, play areas for pets and children, hobby workstations, and custom swimming pools can add personality to your outdoor space and provide years of enjoyment for your family.

Using Backyard Landscape Designs to Bring the Comfort of the Indoors Outside with Accessories

Modern outdoor accessories are available in an assortment of styles and designs, some very similar to those found inside your home. Choose weather resistant fabrics and materials, accenting your outdoor area with colorful pillows and rugs. Fine patio furniture, candles, elegant water features, and even outdoor curtains and shades can add a homey feel to your backyard landscape design.

backyard_landscape_designs_imagesEnjoy Your Backyard Both Day and Night with Landscape Lighting

Carefully planned lighting can create just the right mood in your outdoor living areas. Contemporary electric lamps designed for outdoor use, path lighting, outdoor fireplaces, and simple candles are just a few options for a beautiful and functional landscape lighting design for your backyard.

With a little planning, the right outdoor accessories, and lighting that creates just the right atmosphere, you can finally have the backyard landscape design of your dreams. A professional design service can help you create the perfect plan for your home, your needs, and your budget, while increasing the value of your property.

Allen Quay is a professional landscape designer in the southern California area and specializes in custom high-end backyard landscape designs.

Article Source: Allen is a professional developer and expert in backyard landscape designs.

Backyard Landscaping

Backyard Landscaping

When most people think about backyard landscaping, a family with 2 kids, a dog, a white picket fence and a well-manicured lawn usually come to mind. The truth is, though, that backyard landscaping isn’t just for families with a lot of kids running around—single home owners, extended families with lots of children and grandchildren running around, and any other household can enjoy having a properly landscaped home. When most homeowners decide to start thinking about backyard landscaping ideas it’s usually spurred by their desire to increase the property’s value; create a safe, comfortable environment for their children; and create their own private sanctuary to relax and enjoy being outside.

It’s important to realize that doing your own backyard landscaping isn’t necessarily difficult but you need to understand your limits. If you walk out to your backyard, right now, with no experience at all you’re probably going to leave your yard in worse shape than when you got started. Just because it isn’t difficult eventually doesn’t mean you don’t need to learn the ropes first. There are plenty of resources available to teach you how to do basic landscaping but for complicated jobs or if you just don’t feel like you are able to do your own landscaping, your best option might be to hire a professional.

Professional Backyard Landscaping

Backyard Landscaping Example 3Professional backyard landscapers specialize in turning boring, outdated yards into works of art. If you tried to do this yourself you might save some money in the short term (since you didn’t have to hire the professional) but there’s a very high chance that you actually make things worse and end up paying for all of your tools and time plus the additional cost of having professional landscapers fix your home for you.

If hiring a professional backyard landscaping company doesn’t sound like something you would be amenable to (or simply can’t afford one right now) you’re going to be on your own. Before you get started it’s imperative that you educate yourself; start browsing the internet for backyard landscaping tips or head down your local library and see what books are available on the topic.

Backyard Landscaping Tips

Don’t start out too quickly or advanced, though; sticking with the basics at first will give you the fundamentals you need to slowly progress to new techniques. Focus on basic landscaping techniques before attempting anything with levels, planes, elevations or any other advanced concepts otherwise you could end up having a huge problem (and a lot of cleanup) on your hands.

Ultimately backyard landscaping can be done by anyone (with relative ease) if you take it slow, understand the fundamentals, and understand your limits. There is nothing wrong with hiring a backyard landscaping company to do intricate, difficult jobs. Not this result in a professional, beautiful backyard landscaping you’ll also be able to gain valuable insight from professions within the industry.


Landscaping Ideas

Welcome to Landscaping Ideas

Nothing is more beautiful than the nature as it got all beautiful colors and places which can really make a person’s day. These days, landscaping ideas are endless, bringing together the earth and nature’s beauty. But what if you can enjoy the beautiful nature every day in your garden? What if every morning you will see a very green and clean view of your garden just after getting up? What if you can spend your evening in a very beautiful landscape maintained by you only? This is what Landscaping idea is all about and just read below and you will know how easy it is to get all these.


Now, let’s make the picture more clear here, the whole idea here is to make your garden/yard a very beautiful landscape that refreshes you every time you see it. A garden full of flowers and green plants which will give your eyes a very comforting sight. So now let’s understand this more deeply.

The Landscaping Ideas Introduction

Landscaping Ideas are only limited to your imaginationFirst let see what is a landscape? Well a land is known as a landscape when its aesthetic appearance is improved with the help of flowers, plants and ornamental features. And there are many different landscaping ideas or ways to decorate your yard because everyone have different choice of colors and design. And below you may also find the best landscaping idea which suits you and your yard, or help you to make your own idea to decorate your yard. Well landscaping is quite easy and got only one requirement which is the garden or yard. Now lets see the procedure of landscaping a yard :

  1. Plan- Well its obvious that without a plan the yard will look more like a forest place rather than a landscape. So even before buying stuff its always better to make a plan and get an idea how will the yard will look after the correct execution of the plan because if you want to change anything then the best time is before the execution otherwise it could be really hard to change things afterwards. And below you will see some examples of landscaping ideas for your yard which will be very helpful.
  2. See terrain plan- Well as the nature loves to get shower quite a lot so its better to take care of your yard from this habit of natures because if not taken care it may harm the beauty which is the soul of the yard. The problem with rainfall is that if there is a grade or slope on the ground then the tendency of water to flow down will surely going to irritate you and increase you work, because who likes a dirty basement full of water or holes filled with dirty water which will become a hill station for many mosquitos and other insects. So its always better to notice if there is any runoff-related areas which may become a problem ahead and then develop the terrain plan accordingly.
  3. Buy all the equipment- Well after planning and maintain the terrain plain its time to do some shopping. And in the list first you have to write down some important things and then add the other stuff. Things for water arrangement like pipes and plumbing equipments. Then seeds for plants and fertilizers, pesticides and after buying these stuff’s you may buy other things regarding to your plan and requirement. And there is a piece of advice that you should buy these all stuffs in late summers or autumn because in these days the price of the these things are lower than it is in the other seasons so you can save a good amount of money.
  4. Picking the right plants- You can call this step as an “Important one” because it really is. There are billion species of plants in the world and you surely want all the beautiful ones in your yard but the question arrives that what if they don’t survive more than 1-2 weeks in your yard? Or what if you choose a wrong one and it takes over the whole yard? Because every plant got its own requirement of water, soil, temperature and many other things, and some plants are also harmful for your health and for the yards condition, for example wheats and rice can’t be sown at the same time because of their different requirements or take the example of Oleander, a very beautiful flower and yet poisonous and can interfere with a person’s heart beat rate. So its better that before you buy the plants you either take the help of the internet or its always best to take advice from a local experienced gardener who can provide you some great tips too and will also tell you the list of the plants which will increase the attractiveness of your stunning yard and will grow without any problem. To save money its always better to buy seeds rather than plants and grow them by yourselves.
  5. Being a good keeper- After buying and executing the plans in the right way, now comes the time for you to be the best caretaker for the yard. You have to add a ‘Yard Time’ in your schedule because without a good care the beautiful yard will change to an ugly and an unattractive one in no time. So you have to keep watering them, use fertilizers on right time, keep the grass short and many other things which you think is important for your yard.

Some of Our Favorite Landscaping Ideas

Well as the procedure and important things are clear, now lets see some good landscaping ideas for your yard which may also help you-

In this picture it’s clear that the owner wanted to swim with some plants on the boundary of the pool. Here both purposes are fulfilled, that is the owner can swim and also the green look of the yard looks awesome.

Lush Poolside Landscaping

Replace a boring lawn with golden gravel dotted with an ornamental grass like deer grass, then add a few accent plants like blue-leaved Weber agave, all of which can withstand a lower water climate. The accent and the look of this yard will be very charming

Landscaped Entry

An entry filled with gravels with Japanese silver grass bending over the way with some beautiful flowers will surely look great. The sound of the gravels while walking on them gives a very charming feeling and beautiful sound.

A renewed path

Flagstone paths curve through a low water front yard. A low berm of soil on either side of the walk adds interest, and weed cloth topped with permeable pea gravel allows excess water to soak into the earth rather than run off into the street.

Irish Moss for Lush Cozy Landscape

Irish moss with informal stepping stone adds classic charm to the path flanked by river birches. Creeping Jenny yellow-green Japanese forest grass Campanula and variegated boxwood mingle in the green bed. The person entering the house will experience a landscape with plants with different colors and shape with a charming look.

Grass Circles

Grass circles appear to float on a river of black pebbles that winds through a grove of bamboo.

Fill in the gaps

The gaps between the pavers are being filled by the fractured shale fills with arrows and grasses softening the path on the edges. A beautiful sight is experienced with every step taken.

Gravel and water feature

Versatile gravel works beautifully surrounding a modern fountain and echoing the colors of the cityscape beyond. High edging keeps gravel in bounds while giving the impression of a pond within a pond.

Fire adds a nice touch

Even a simple open fire is quite attractive and when a gas fed fire pit is in your yard with flames coming out of the lightweight stones then its going to attract people for sure. In this landscape a family can enjoy the evenings with a fire in the pit and it will be very refreshing for all.

semi-circular landscaping for symmetry

An elegant semicircular wall separates the gravel patio beneath a shady sycamore from the wilder garden beyond. A perfect place to sit under the shade of the tree and a place which is much cooler than the other place in the yard.

All the above landscaping ideas are for a different place and environment you may or may not use these ideas but you must have got an idea of your own on how you are going to maintain your yard? And you may build a very unique and one of the kind landscape which always keep you happy and positive by behavior.

The benefits of a beautiful landscape like the above are just unbeatable which are-

  • Stressbuster- No matter how sad or stressed you are a beautiful sight always makes you feel better and think better.
  • Positiveness- When a person stays in healthy and gorgeous environment the, he/she remains positive and this positive behavior also avoids many problems in the life.
  • Feeling of completeness- Well this feeling is very important in life because if a person thinks something is missing in the life then problems may occur and with a green yard full of different kinds of plants and flowers, connects a person with the nature which is capable of filling many gaps of life.

So, with these few landscaping ideas, perhaps you can be even more creative.