Blooming Appeal: Some Great Landscaping Ideas with Flowers

Blooming Appeal: Some Great Landscaping Ideas with Flowers

If you’re looking to create impact and interest in your garden, there are hundreds of different landscaping ideas with flowers to make your yard look great; giving you color and interest with gorgeous blooms throughout the year.


Landscaping Ideas with Flowers: Before you begin

Flower landscaping will certainly make sure your outside space creates an impression. Flower beds are traditionally used along the outside boundaries, but you can also consider planting these in the middle of a lawn to create a focal point, or use flower pots, raised beds and troughs to give floral landscaping interest in smaller areas.

Before you start thinking about what flowers you want, you need to make sure that your beds are well prepared. When you’ve decided on your flower landscaping layout, dig through the soil thoroughly, and mix in a good amount of compost and fertilizer. This will help your flower display to grow well, and you should top up regularly with fertilizer throughout the blooming season. Before planting, make sure that the top soil is finely raked, and water the beds well.

And although you’ll undoubtedly have some favorite flowers in mind, when you’re planning a flower border you also need to think about how the landscaped bed will appear when they’re not in bloom. To ensure they look good year-round, you should consider including plants with an interesting selection of foliage: this is vital for adding ground cover, visual interest and color when your other plants are not flowering. There are lots of plant options that have interesting foliage: the Creeping Jenny, for example, has glorious color and texture, making your bed appealing even when the other flowers in your landscape are waiting to bloom or are past their season.

A Flower for All Seasons: Creating Seasonal Interest

Landscaping Ideas with FlowersHowever, for many, a bright display of beautiful blooms is what really matters when it comes to landscaping with flowers. Whatever the season, there are numerous different ideas for flower landscapes that will bring vibrant color, fragrance and beauty to your garden.

To kick start a vibrant spring display, consider using a mixture of springtime bulb flowers alongside more vigorous, low-growing perennials that will provide ground cover and interest. One combination that works well for this type of landscaping with flowers is a mixture of tulips and creeping phlox. This blend gives plenty of seasonal cheer – particularly if you use tulips in mixed colors – and draws the eye as the regimented tulip stalks contrast with the soft edges of the phlox. If you use these flowers in your landscaping, an idea to think about is using a creeping phlox variety, particularly in raised beds: here the phlox’s cascading habit will trail over walls and border edges, giving a gentle, delicate appeal.

Another combination that works well for spring flower landscaping is grouping grape hyacinths and yellow alyssum. Grape hyacinths are brilliant for providing beauty and amazing fragrance to a bed; mixing them with yellow alyssum is a great idea to give contrast to your flower landscaping, and makes for a strikingly colorful and fragrant display.

Landscaping Ideas for Summer Flowers

There are numerous themes that you can use in a summer flower border: your landscaping could focus on a cottage garden or a beach theme for example. For American gardeners however, one of the most popular ideas is to make a summer flower border with red white and blue colors. These patriotic displays are most usually made up of annual flowers, which are inexpensive bedding plants and mean that you can be sure of an impressive display that won’t break the bank. And importantly, annuals are all likely to bloom together in time for 4th July. Good combinations to bring out the colors of the American flag in your flower landscaping include mixing together red salvia, white daisies and blue ageratum.

Fall Flower Landscaping

landscaping-with-flowers-photo2Although it’s more traditional to think of glorious flower displays for the spring and summer, if you choose carefully there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy beautiful blooms well into the autumn.

Late bloomers, such as mums and autumn joy sedum, are invaluable for flowers in the fall, and you should look for perennials to give you the best chance of a stunning display. Autumn joy is a long-blooming plant and will give continuous color to your flower landscaping from the end of summer right up until the first winter frost. A good flower to complement this is dusty miller, particularly the silver dust variety which has beautiful silver foliage that contrasts gorgeously with the deep pink tones of the autumn joy. Using the two plants together is certainly a great idea for flower landscaping that will make your garden interesting right up until the winter weather sets in.

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